Our Object Selection Students

Museum Studies students responsible for object selection in their upcoming exhibition tell us a little more about themselves and their role within the curating an exhibition team:

‘Hello! As the objects selection team it is our job to select objects for display in our upcoming exhibition ‘The Scottish Warrior’. There are five of us in the team, one to represent each of the five sub-topics of our exhibition.

Our first port of call when selecting objects for the exhibition was the University Museum’s extensive online catalogue. We each spent hours searching for objects that best illustrate the time periods we aim to explore through our exhibition. We have also had the opportunity to visit the Collection Centre at Marischal College to see the objects that we have requested for display, and look for more ideas within the vast storerooms. In addition to this, we were given object handling training, which will be very useful when we come to installing the objects in the display cases.

17841879_1429022280453221_2064180595_nI am Ellen from the ‘Prehistoric Savages’ team. This section spans a huge period of time form the Stone Age to the Iron Age, which has made picking objects tricky. One object that I love is a Bronze Age ‘razor’ found in a burial cairn. It’s small, delicate and not something generally associated with a prehistoric person or warrior!

17842045_1429022370453212_1687870587_nI’m Kieran, representing the ‘Medieval Warrior’ sub-topic. We are aiming to explore the origins of the image of the medieval warrior against the young age of monarchs who ascended the throne in this period. Alongside a selection of medieval archaeological finds, one of our most striking objects we hope to have on display is a plaster cast of Robert Bruce’s skull!

17888921_1429022303786552_137517083_nI am Katie from the ‘Jacobites’ team. We aim to explore the romantic idealisation of the Jacobites, and the Highlands which had developed by the nineteenth century. We plan on displaying a scenic painting, which depicts the romanticism of the Highlands alongside objects linked to the Jacobites such as a pistol and targe that belonged to John Roy Stuart.

17857342_1429022517119864_1362034842_nMy name is Robert and I’m part of the ‘Overseas Soldier’ team. Our topic features objects from the many places that Scottish soldiers fought such as Africa and Tibet. One key issue we have faced is the space needed to incorporate our star objects; a world map that would include medals and pins to showcase all the places in the world where Scottish regiments saw action.

17888304_1429022287119887_1772642439_nMy name is Emily and I represent the ‘World Wars’ team. We aim to display personal objects packed with stories, like medals from World War One belonging to nurses, showing that women also played their part. We will also display objects on loan from the local Gordon Highlanders museum, including a kilt from the Somme with burn marks where a soldier used a cigarette to burn lice!’

‘The Scottish Warrior’ exhibition will open in King’s Museum in June 2017 so keep an eye here on this blog and on social media for more updates! Look out for our hashtag #UoAScottishWarrior for peeks behind the scenes.


About uoamuseums

The University of Aberdeen's Museums include King’s Museum and the University's Zoology Museum. The museums can claim to be Scotland's oldest, with records of museums and collections as far back as the late 17th century. Thanks to their status as a Recognised Collection of national significance, the Zoology Museum’s displays are currently being improved, while King's Museum hosts changing exhibitions drawn from across the collections, particularly those formerly in Marischal Museum. Visitors are warmly welcomed to the museums, and there are no charges for admission. Marischal College now houses the Museums Collections Centre, caring for and conserving many of the collections.
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  1. What a wonderful selection of ideas and objects–fabulous work
    Susan from Calgary

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